Welcome to our vineyard, welcome to our home

Watermelon Creek is the culmination of many years of dreams, much planning, and a daily dose of hard work.  We are happy you have stopped by to share in the excitement for our family history and heritage and hope our wines, edibles, and home provides you just a bit of the joy it affords us daily.  Visit again to celebrate with us the past, give thanks for the present, and toast to our future family and friends. Shop Now >


    Chef Patrick's Kitchen

    March 30, 2019

    I’ve been observing often the wonderful smells around the building and grounds every day here at Watermelon Creek Vineyard.  Maybe it’s a characteristic of aging, but I am reminded of one of my earliest memories, maybe age 3 or 4:  My father was teaching school out of town, and my mother operated the “Big T” truck stop and restaurant on Hwy 301 South(later it became James Dyal’s auto repair shop) on the right just before Folsom's on the left.    In those days (1953-1954) US 301 was bumper -to -bumper traffic.  Motels and restaurants were plentiful in Glennville.  Air conditioning in cars was almost unheard of, so people drove mostly with windows down, and manual transmissions were the norm.   ...

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    Why did we decide to build a winery?

    August 26, 2014

    We get this question frequently since as someone put it, "you all are in the middle of no where!"Well, of course we all know that this area sits in a premium location to get to the "big" stuff if one wants, but is perfect for savoring the spices of life: family, friends, and fellowship!  So with that said, we feel we are right where we have been destined! That brings me to the real answer: because we were destined for this!  Destined by God, and I don't say this  flippantly.  These are miracles for which we give thanks daily: We were able to purchase the very ground that Charles' ancestors settled in 1820 with its original home-place and where Charles...

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