Winestaurant:  A unique pairing of sophisticated "comfort food" and delicate muscadine and blueberry wines crafted onsite amidst an intimate setting that stimulates every sense and beckons you to "stay a while". 

The romantic fragrance of muscadine wine fills your senses and transports you to the simpler, uncomplicated days of yesteryear. Cool, sweet muscadine wine paired with our family's pimento and cheese recipe on freshly sliced home-made bread on a warm summer day satisfies both the body and soul.

Enjoying our farm to table delights and sampling our varieties of muscadine wines and blueberry wines in the comfort of our tasting room creates a sense of connection to this richly, historic farming community we call home. Local sweet onions and lettuce, muscadine jams and sauces are a few of the quality ingredients we want to share with you.

If you are looking for comfort food on a chilly winter day or a gourmet plating in the evening, our Winestaurant provides lovingly prepared dishes harmonizing with our fine muscadine wines.
Not only can you cool off with our Coney Island Hot Dog and wine slushy or take your time with one of our "Starters" and a glass of our muscadine wine, but now you can enjoy full fare created by our skilled culinary staff!

Perhaps you need that perfect stress-free place for your corporate event, or want to relish the rustic charm of our farm for your next party. We seek to serve you and create a memorable occasion punctuated by delicious food, comfortable surroundings, and, of course, our refreshing muscadine wine.

Stories of old flow as easily as our sweet wine – take some time to embrace this day by discovering the southern elegance and relaxing experience of our Winestaurant – home of the deep south’s BEST muscadine wine.  
Our Chefs welcome you to make your reservation for an evening supper After 4 pm Wednesday- Saturday!






"We are often asked why we don't offer sweet tea, or sodas.... well we want you to experience some of life's unique affordable pleasures that are only available at places that cater to those with discriminating tastes!  I enjoyed wines crafted at boutique wineries and delightful whole leaf teas in my travels as a pharmaceutical rep, and I want to bring this experience to you!" Deborah  

Wine by the Bottle: $14.95, $15.95, $16.95     By the Glass:  $6.

Wine List is on back page, and please don’t hesitate to ask for our assistance in selecting the perfect pairing.  Really, anything that pleases you is the “Perfect” pairing!

Wine Freeze of the Day $6.

Mixtures of natural fruits(Sold as Lt. Blender’s Wine Freeze) and our wines frozen into delectable cocktails!

Muscadine Juice(non-alcoholic) Purple Pleasure/Bronze Blush 32oz. Bottle $4.95

Our own grapes(never sprayed with anything!) pressed and pasteurized for a non-alcoholic infusion of antioxidants.

Gourmet Tea of the Day $3. with refills

Whole leaf tea(only 20% of the world’s tea is whole leaf) to offer you premium quality infused with fruits and flowers, never pre-sweetened.  Please try without sweetening first to experience its natural goodness and flavor!

Bottled Spring Water $1.

Spring Water with trace minerals that the earth gives us naturally! Served with ice and citrus.

S. Pellegrino Sparkling Water $4.

Sparkling Spring Water with trace minerals that the earth gives us naturally from the Pellegrino Region at the base of the Italian Alps! Served with ice and citrus.