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A new addition to our Muscadine products!  We have one pear tree locall known as the "Sand Pear": hard, not-so pretty, and wonderful for cooking!  it has  NEVER been sprayed with any pesticides or hericides, so you're getting just plain Tison Sand Pears!  

Due to an abundant supply of fruit form our pear tree this year(600 lbs!)  TISON SAND PEAR PRESERVES, TISON SAND PEAR CHUTNEY, and TISON SAND PEAR RELISH have been created for your pleasure to enjoy on toast, as a marinade, or as an accompaninment to any thing!  

THE PRESERVES contain chunks of pear in a sweet( but not overly so) suspension.

THE CHUTNEY contains pears, sugar onions, raisins, red bell pepper, spiced vinegar , mustard seeds, celery seeds, cayenne pepper for a sweet/ tangy delight!

THE RELISH contains pears, onions, sugar, red bell pepper, spiced vinegar, tumeric , citric acid , and spices for more of a savory delight(less sweet than the other two).