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The Heritage Series - Muscadine Wine

Lower Mill White - Muscadine Wine PICK UP ONLY

The Lower Mill (today’s intersection of Ga. Hwy. 144 and Watermelon Creek) was owned and operated in the 1860s by Charles Padgett and then with his son, Charles Columbus, until destroyed by a massive flood in 1925. The grist mill was central to the community as one could not only return home with the sacks of freshly ground flour and meal but also an abundance of local news and renewed acquaintances. The massive hand hewn and pegged timbers were salvaged and resurrected into the Mill House, a popular wedding venue situated on the pond behind the winery complex. Upright and useful, they are once again amidst life privy to whispered secrets, sacred vows, and celebrations.

  • Made with the bronze Carlos Muscadine grape, this fresh semi-sweet, full-bodied white offers a fruity, floral grape bouquet. Inspired by the festive atmosphere often surrounding the turn-of-the century grist mill and its current application at Watermelon Creek Vineyard.  Lower Mill White consists of a semi-sweet, straightforward fruitiness that complements any gathering. Chilled, Lower Mill White evokes memories of a simpler time when relationships cemented and harmonized life’s journey. 
  • The full body, semi-sweet sipper pairs well with a light meal of poultry or seafood.
  • Bronze Medal, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, March 2013
Our full bodied wines contain 12% -14% alcohol and are best served chilled.