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Stafford’s Ferry White - Muscadine Wine PICK UP ONLY

In the mid 1800’s Elijah Eleazar Stafford along with his wife, Mary Ann Maranda Padgett Stafford (C.C. Padgett’s aunt), operated Stafford’s Ferry on the Altamaha just above the site of the future Lane’s Bridge.  At times southbound traffic was so great that folks would be forced to camp for weeks waiting their turn to cross.  A delay due to the swollen river providentially coincided with the birth of a Godwin baby, and the two families became neighbors for years.

  • Stafford’s Ferry White Muscadine wine has a dry fruitiness that is a pleasant change when the occasion beckons a crisp, unpretentious wine.  As waiting often unveils a proper course of action or new opportunity, one should savor Stafford’s Ferry White while cherishing the best of his past, present, and future adventures and friendships!
  • With its crisp finish it is a perfect addition to any seafood or poultry dish! Just splash some in your skillet after you have browned your meat or cooked your garlic and reduce a bit. Add the rest of your sauce ingredients and enjoy! Also great with the meal you just prepared or the blend with Lane's Bridge Red to create an off dry blush that is divine!
  • Silver Medal, Mid-Atlantic Southeastern 2013 Wine Competition
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    Charles H.


    really taste the grapes, excellent

    really taste the grapes, excellent

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