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About Us

We are Charles and Deborah Tillman.  We had a life of contentment yet somewhat unchallenging with corporate jobs and a beautiful home on the Ogeechee River in Richmon Hill.  

Watermelon Creek Vineyard began as an inspiration from God to restore this 9th generation 300 acre rural home place. In 2003 as relatives began selling we bought.  Charles had always hoped he would have the chance to purchase the farm where he grew up with stories of his Great Grandfather, C.C. Padgett, and how he had sustained the lives of his family and the lives of several black families that worked with him.

Our focus of just saving the home place, barns and various out- buildings from total decay was divinely re-directed to restore and re-create the hustle bustle of a rural home-place , agriculture, and business on this corner of Tison, Georgia. ...And here we are!

We love hearing your stories, so call ahead and let us know you're on the way!

Charles and Deborah