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Why did we decide to build a winery?

August 26, 2014

We get this question frequently since as someone put it, "you all are in the middle of no where!"
Well, of course we all know that this area sits in a premium location to get to the "big" stuff if one wants, but is perfect for savoring the spices of life: family, friends, and fellowship!  So with that said, we feel we are right where we have been destined!

That brings me to the real answer: because we were destined for this!  Destined by God, and I don't say this  flippantly.  These are miracles for which we give thanks daily:

  1. We were able to purchase the very ground that Charles' ancestors settled in 1820 with its original home-place and where Charles spent his early childhood.
  2. We were able to finance the restoration from one income, as Charles worked full time to salvage the house and barns and to reclaim the land.
  3. As Charles was working daily on the home-place, he was often interrupted and encouraged with requests for tours from passers by who noticed the clean up and had their stories of our family and their intrigue with the property.
  4. We had an overwhelming feeling of enchantment combined with a reverence every time we stayed the night and experienced Tison from Sunrise to Sunset!  We wanted to stay and bring this land back to the life, pleasures, people, and productivity that it once knew.
  5. The creation of a vineyard and winery came to us two years after we began the house restoration because we realized we eventually wanted to live here in the place where Charles' ancestral DNA has been harbored for almost two centuries.  And with Charles' past real estate career and franchise ownership we were drawn to self-employment.
  6. The affirmation of so many friends, family and customers(many who have become great friends!)

It seems God was planting the seed when February of 2003 we celebrated our 20th anniversary driving up the coast of California spending the last two days in Sonoma and Napa. We were surrounded by vineyards, vineyards, and even more vineyards!! John, chapter 15 seemed to come alive, and we could picture Jesus sitting with his disciples in the vineyard teaching them about discipline and His pruning to get abundant fruit the following year.  And then to get the call that July to purchase the home place that would germinate that seed into a vision of our own vineyard and winery!

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