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Our used wine bottles are shipped to a candle company in Atlanta, cut , and filled with scented 100% soy candle wax and wick.  Repurposed to bring you a warm, lightly scented (never overpowering!) glow that will burn evenly until gone to await its next purpose!

The clear bottles have our Whoopee Series label, and the blue and green bottles have our Heritage Series label each with its unique story! ...And these are LARGE candles, so you'll get plenty of hours and are great gifts with our wines and jams and jellies!

Farm House (Blue Bottle)
Sandalwood, Patchouli and a touch of vanilla

My Boyfriend's Shirt (Clear bottle)
Gone, but not.  Gentle masculine hints nestled in clean cotton

Southern Belle (Clear Bottle)
Peaches, Magnolias & Raspberries

White Tea & Ginger (Blue Bottle)
Soft white tea mingled with hints of fresh spicy ginger

Tipsy Pear (Clear Bottle)
Fresh pears teased with cask aged brandy

Water Lily (Blue Bottle)
Soft water lily scent with a hint of jasmine

Chardonnay (Blue Bottle)
Crisp white floral berries

Sassy Pants ( Clear Bottle)      Exotic fruits with a little attitude

Mediterranean Fig  ( Green Bottle)                                                                                                            Woody Bouquet oak moss, velvety cashmere with fresh green floral

Mango and Tangerine  (Green Bottle)                                                                                            Pure Yummy. The perfect blend of tropical fruits

Pumpkin Pie Spice (Green Bottle)                                                                             Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Nutmeg         

Yacht Club (Blue Bottle)      
A subtle, masculine mahogany and coconut       

Front Porch (Blue Bottle) Earthy with Floral and Citrus